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  • Dara Djosevic Yugoslavia

    Belgrade, Yugoslavia… May 1941 – On the eve of World War II, Avraham Adanja and Dara Djosevic were engaged to be married. They postponed their wedding [Read More]

  • Helena Bakala Poland

    Warsaw, Poland… 1941 –  Helena Bakala and her husband, Tadeusz, lived near the Warsaw ghetto.  They were deeply troubled by the Germans’ brutality towards their Jewish [Read More]

  • Guido de Gorgey Hungary

    Budapest, Hungary… March 19, 1944 – When the Germans occupied Hungary on March 19, 1944, Guido de Gorgey, a twenty-four-year-old lieutenant in the Hungarian army, was [Read More]

  • Hasmik and Tigran Tashtshiyan Ukraine

    Simferopol, Ukraine… 1941 – On November 1, 1941, the Germans occupied Simferopol, a Ukrainian city on the Crimean peninsula near the Black Sea. By the time they [Read More]

  • Leokadia Kawalec Poland

    Tarnobrzeg, Poland… October 1942 – When actions against the Jews increased, two families sought refuge with the Kawalec family, which included Leokadia, her sister, and her parents. For [Read More]

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