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Welcome to the JFR Bookstore. We have created it in association with in order to offer you easy access to some of the most important books about rescue and the Holocaust in general. By ordering books through our bookstore you are helping to support the work of The Jewish Foundation for the Righteous.

Holocaust: A History

Dwork, Debórah; van Pelt, Robert Jan

ISBN: 0393051889

Dwork and van Pelt provide a history of the Holocaust. Their work begins in the Middle Ages and continues through to the post-Holocaust world.

The Third Reich at War

Evans, Richard J.

ISBN: 1594202060

This final book in Evans' trilogy on the Third Reich examines the Nazi regime during 1939-1945. He looks at German military campaigns and life on the home front in relation to policies and practices against Jews and others.

ISBN: 0670020729

Details Joel Brand's and the Jewish rescue committee's heroic attempt to save Hungary's Jewish population.

ISBN: 0553296981

The journal of a Jewish girl in her early teens describes both the joys and torments of daily life, as well as typical adolescent thoughts, throughout two years spent in hiding with her family during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands.

ISBN: 0385240236

This illustrated volume is a collection and comparison of the three versions of Anne Frank's diary: Anne's original entries, including never-before-published material; the diary as she herself edited it while in hiding; and the best-known version, edited by her father.

ISBN: 0385480334

A newly translated edition of Anne Frank's diary restores the original one-third omitted text that offered insight into Anne's emerging sexuality and her turbulent relationship with her mother.

ISBN: 0807846759

Friedlander explores how the Nazi euthanasia program provided a practical model for mass murder. He focuses on how the techniques of mass murder developed for the euthanasia program served as the models for the final solution's extermination camps.

ISBN: 0060928786

Friedländer describes and interprets the steadily increasing anti-Jewish persecution in Germany after the 1933 Nazi ascension to power.

ISBN: 0060190434

In has latest work, Friedländer completes his two-volume, comprehensive study of the Holocaust in Europe.

ISBN: 1438430264

Examines the variety of cinematic responses to the Holocaust as well as the Shoah’s impact on cinematic expression itself.

ISBN: 978-0199603305

A Small Town Near Auschwitz examines the life and role of Udo Klausa, a local Nazi, during the Holocaust. Fulbrook's work attempts to answer the question how those citizens only 25 miles away from Auschwitz claim they did not know what happened during the Holocaust.

ISBN: 978-0-230-61492-5

The Double Binds examines the impact of the Holocaust on ethical values, and attempts to measure the repercussions of that impact on mankind's confidence in morality.

ISBN: 0671662341

Gies recalls how she, her husband and several of their coworkers sheltered her boss, Otto Frank, his family, and several other Jews in a secret annex of their Amsterdam office building during World War II.

Atlas of the Holocaust

Gilbert, Martin

ISBN: 0688123643

Beginning with isolated incidents of prewar violence and expanding in scope with the Third Reich's rise to power, this book is a geographic exploration of the Holocaust. It includes maps and diagrams of expulsions, forced marches, mass executions, and concentration camps.

ISBN: 0805003487

The author uses oral histories as well as over 30 illustrations to present this period in history.

ISBN: 9781571812681

Gigliotti examines the role of the train during the Holocaust as a means of transportation and devastation in its own right.

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