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Welcome to the JFR Bookstore. We have created it in association with in order to offer you easy access to some of the most important books about rescue and the Holocaust in general. By ordering books through our bookstore you are helping to support the work of The Jewish Foundation for the Righteous.

ISBN: 0679456961

Translated by Martin Chalmers. This symphony of voices is ordered by the brilliant, grumbling Klemperer, struggling to complete his work on eighteenth-century France while documenting the ever-tightening Nazi grip. He loses first his professorship and then his car, his phone, his house, even his typewriter, and is forced to move into a Jews' House (the last step before the camps), put his cat to death (Jews may not own pets), and suffer countless other indignities.

The Nazi Conscience

Koonz, Claudia

ISBN: 0674018427

Koonz traces how the Nazis developed a rationale for their genocidal policies against the Jews and how they used a range of media to convince the German people of the necessity and indeed, the morality, of those policies.

ISBN: 0300121865

This work explores how the Nazis used the concepts of community and belonging as a means to promote conformity and solidarity, resulting in mass crime and genocide.

ISBN: 1584657413

Through discussion and analysis of such topics as representation, silence, and denial, Lang examines the philosophical issues inherent in attempting to comprehend the Holocaust.

ISBN: 978-0853038757

An in depth look at the 'Jewish policy' of governments-in-exile that were created during WWII.

ISBN: 0393058840

Large discusses the Olympics in historical context and exposes the propaganda and politics behind the 1936 games.

ISBN: 030740885X

Larson charts the daily experiences of US Ambassador William Dodd in Berlin from 1933 to 1937.

The Family

Laskin, David

ISBN: 067002547X

The true story of one family though the 20th Century.

ISBN: 0521607825

Leff explores why The New York Times failed to inform its readers about the genocide of European Jewry as it was taking place.

ISBN: 1936274310

Explores how the Nazi and Vichy regimes made use of freelance Jew hunters to track down and round up Jews in Southern France.

Survival in Auschwitz

Levi, Primo

ISBN: 0684826801

Levi's haunting memories of his ten months in Auschwitz. The author gives an unforgettable description of the systematic cruelty and his miraculous survival.

ISBN: 067972186x

This book is an attempt by Levi, a survivor of Auschwitz, to understand and explain the phenomenon of Auschwitz. In his quest, Levi tries to answer unanswerable questions about power, disgrace and conspiracy.

ISBN: 0684832518

Levine explores why a little-known Japanese diplomat named Chiune Sugihara risked his career during World War II by issuing transit visas to thousands of Jews fleeing Hitler's troops and concludes that mercy, like evil, often has no visible roots.

ISBN: 0853037280

Explores the myths surrounding Raoul Wallenberg and argues that his rescue efforts must be examined and understood within the historical context of that time.

ISBN: 0312155603

This is a biography of Janusz Korczak, an advocate of children's rights who saved hundreds of orphans in the Warsaw Ghetto. Korczak had an opportunity to escape but chose to perish in Treblinka rather than abandon the orphans in his care.

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