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Knitting for Rescuers

After a summer hiatus, the JFR’s Charity Knitting Project will be starting again this fall.  Wondering how you can get involved?  Knit or crochet scarves for our rescuers, mail them to the JFR office, and we will distribute them to the rescuers.  To access more information about the Charity Knitting Project, including an online photo album of the rescuers wearing their scarves, click here.

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Reading notes of gratitude

Here is rescuer Pápai Katalin from Hungary with her grandson, wearing a scarf knitted by Mary Ann Jorgensen. 

We also received a very moving note from Pápai Katalin, sent to Agnieszka Perzan, our Senior Program Associate in Rescuer Support.  The note was written for her by her granddaughter and translated from Hungarian by one of our translators:

Dear Agnieszka Perzan,

My Mother is 92 and she has difficulties to see, therefore I am the one to answer your kind letter.   She was happy to receive the scarf knitted by Mary Ann Jorgensen.   She is very kind to put an effort into making it.   Attached we send the picture we took of her.   We hope she will still have a chance to wear it during the next winter. 

All the best,

Katalin Pápai

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Knitting for Rescuers

The JFR Charity Knitting Project has had tremendous success!  Thanks to our wonderful knitters and crocheters we have sent scarves to 117 rescuers in 7 countries.  Many of the rescuers have sent photos of themselves wearing the scarves.  Below are a few of the most recent photos we have received: 

Stefania Wilkosz-Filo, Poland

Irena Walulewicz, Poland

Reverend Antoni Bradlo, United States (originally from Poland)

 Click here to learn more about the Charity Knitting Project and visit our facebook page to view more photos!

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