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Welcoming a survivor

On Wednesday, May 4, 2011 survivor Ursula Selig Lichtblau, who was rescued by Monsignor Beniamino Schivo (click here to read his story of rescue) visited The High School for Law and Public Service and shared her story with 10thgrade students at the school.  Neil Garfinkle, who teaches law, global, and United States history wrote movingly about her visit, saying, “Her [Ursula’s] energy and her passion was something I did not expect, nor could I have ever imagined.  Her stories, sense of humor, and personality, not only won over our entire faculty, Assistant Principal and Principal, but they also had my students riveted to their seats. Everyone in my school is still talking about Ursula and wondering if she will be available next year as well.” 

Ursula (left) with a teacher


Ursula with school faculty

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