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Whoever Saves a Single Life:

Rescuers of Jews During the Holocaust

Whoever Saves a Single Life… Rescuers of Jews During the Holocaust showcases some of those rare – but exceedingly important – instances where people fought to safeguard their Jewish fellow citizens during the Holocaust.  In a time of overwhelming death and destruction, rescuers did not stand by silently.  They chose another way, and their bravery offers us a glimmer of hope.

The Exhibit

Whoever Saves a Single Life… Rescuers of Jews During the Holocaust is an easy-to-install exhibit of freestanding structures. It is a non-linear exhibit, arranged thematically rather than chronologically, and is accessible to a variety of individuals, from middle school students to adults. It is ideal for small museums, historical societies, Holocaust centers and museums, community and cultural centers, synagogues and churches, libraries, and schools and universities.

Exhibit Contents

Four freestanding modules with one panel on each side of the module (total of eight panels); three of the modules are 8’x92″ (LxH), and the fourth module is 34”x83”.  The exhibit comes in seven easy-to-move transporter cases (with wheels) and includes lights (four per 8’x92″ module).  The panels focus on the following 12 topics/themes:

History of the Holocaust

  • The Jewish Foundation for the Righteous and its mission
  • Webs of Survival: Rescue Networks
  • Taking Action: Young Rescuers
  • Faith in Action: Religious Rescue
  • Shielding Our Citizens: Rescue in Denmark
  • Outwitting Evil: Ingenuity in Rescue
  • Against All Odds: Rescue in the Camps
  • From Words to Deeds: Americans in Europe
  • Defying Orders: Rescue in Uniform
  • Precarious Life: Shelter and Hiding
  • Envoys of Humanity: The Diplomats

Booking Information

Installation Requirements

Exhibit space between 480 and 720 square feet.  Ceiling height of at least 9’

Exhibit Period

Minimum of four weeks with one additional week before and after for installation/de-installation and shipping.  Most exhibit periods are four to eight weeks

Exhibit Fees

Exhibit fees are dependent on the exhibit period.  Minimum fee is $1,200 for four weeks, plus shipping and insurance fees.  Contact the JFR for specifics regarding fees.  See the Guidelines for Borrowing the Traveling Exhibit for specifics regarding shipping and insurance fees.

JFR Support

  • Exhibit brochure/handout, invitation template, and press release template
  • Educator Resources, including a Teachers’ Guide with suggested classroom activities

Application Materials


To book the exhibit, or for additional information, please contact Stanlee Stahl at 973.736.1800 or at [email protected].

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