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News from the 19th Floor – Alfred Lerner Fellows – February 2019

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News from the 19th Floor

2019 Advanced Seminar
Robert Jan van Pelt and Stanlee Stahl at the 2019 Advanced Seminar

2019 and 2020 Advanced Seminar

Twenty-three Alfred Lerner Fellows attended the 2019 Advanced Seminar. It was good to catch-up with everyone. Our scholars were outstanding! We welcomed two new scholars to the JFR – Paul Salmons from London and Joseph Benatov from the University of Pennsylvania. Paul will be teaching at the 2019 Summer Institute for Teachers and hopefully at the 2020 Advanced Seminar.  Joseph is working with the JFR to plan a study program to Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Greece for the summer of 2020.

The 2020 Advanced Seminar will be held January 18 – 20, 2020, at the Hilton Newark Airport. We are hoping to spend time at the Auschwitz Exhibition, which will be in Manhattan. Applications will be available for the 2020 Advanced Seminar shortly.

2019 European Study Program to Germany, the Czech Republic, and Austria

Professor van Pelt and I reviewed the study program itinerary and it is going to be a terrific learning experience! Our plans call for us to visit the Documentation Centers in Munich and Nuremberg.  We will visit three camps – Theresienstadt, Flossenburg, and Mauthausen.  We will meet with educators and researchers.  If you are interested in joining us in July 2019, please email Stanlee at [email protected].  While dates have not been finalized, we believe the program will start on July 9, returning to the United States on either July 15 or 16 from Vienna.

Since we are in Western Europe, the cost of the study program will be significantly more expensive than our previous study programs to Eastern Europe.  We are trying to keep costs as low as possible. I should have a final cost shortly.

After receiving feedback from Center Executive and Education Directors as well as Lerner Fellows, we are quoting a land only package. This means that the airfare to and from Europe is to be arranged by and paid for by the participant. This enables the participant to source the least expensive ticket on an airline of his/her choosing, to use points from a credit card or airline miles. It also enables each participant to arrive in Europe early or remain in Europe after the program.

The entrance to the SS compound at Mauthausen (photo courtesy of USHMM)


For those who celebrate Purim, which begins March 20, or have family or friends who celebrate, the JFR is offering a Purim eCard.  For a donation of $18 or more, you can send the eCard to ten email addresses.  If you have any questions about the Purim eCard, please contact the JFR office at 212.727.9955. Click here to schedule your eCards in advance.


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