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Notes from Rescuers – August 2021

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Notes from Rescuers

Volodimir Chornovol

Vladimir C.


On September 1, 2021, Vladimir Chornovol will turn 100!  We wish Vladimir an early Happy Birthday!

Stanlee Stahl, JFR’s Executive Vice President, met Vladimir in May 1998, in Jerusalem.  Both were in Israel to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the State of Israel.

Vladimir was invited by Yad Vashem to represent the Righteous of Ukraine.

Click here to read Vladimir’s story.

Raisa B.


Raisa’s granddaughter wrote:

I’m sending you photo with my grandmother, I visited her on Saturday. She sends you best wishes.

Pagarbiai [Sincerely]
Regina B.

Raisa B. with her granddaughter, Regina
Tamara O.

Tamara O.


Tamara’s daughter, Marina, wrote:

Dear Stanlee!

I got  the money from Your Foundation and gave it to mom.

She feels quite well, although it is very hot now, the temperature during the day has been above 30 degrees for almost a month. This is very unusual for us and we are not accustomed to such a prolonged heat.

We have received your letter with such wonderful heartfelt words. When I read it to my mother, she even had tears in her eyes. She was very pleased to receive such a message.

We wish you  all the best.

Yours respectfully


Tamara wrote:

Dear Stanlee,
I received your letter. Thank you so much for the wonderful kind words. Very touched. Unfortunately, people began to forget about those terrible cruel times. Then we tried to help as much as we could, to everyone who needed help. Of course, my mother provided the main help, I just helped her, did what I was instructed to do. All the more precious to me is your high appreciation of my modest contribution to saving several lives. I wish you all peace, prosperity, and health.



Margita L.


Thank you, Mrs. Stanlee Stahl, for still thinking of us. Thank God my health still serves, which I look forward to.

I wish you all the best.

Margita L.
Janina M. with two of her daughters, Leokadia and Grażyna

Janina M.


Janina turned 100 on June 21, 2021!

Janina sends her thanks to everyone for remembering her!

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