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Notes from Rescuers – January 2024

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Notes from Rescuers

Mikalina K, Lithuania

Mikalina K., Lithuania

Mikalina is 93 years old. Mikalina wrote:

Dear friends,

I am sincerely happy for your care, support and beautiful wishes that bring light to my life. Nothing has changed for me: due to illness, I am forced to lie in bed, I constantly need the help of relatives.

In the new year, I wish you a lot of health and happiness, so that peace and joy may finally visit your nation.


Stefan K., Poland

Stefan sent us this hand made New Year card.  The card wishes us joy in the New Year.


Handmade New Year card from Stefan K., Poland
Vlastimila K., Slovakia

Vlastimila K., Slovakia

Vlastimila, who is 90 years old, wrote:

Dear Ms. Stahl,

I am well, and sent you photo.

Thank you very much for all. I send many greetings.

All the best.


Ramute R., Lithuania

Ramute is 93 years old. Her grandson wrote:

Ramute wishes you a happy and warm holiday!

Ramute R., Lithuania
Irena S., Poland

Irena S., Poland

Irena is 92 years old. Irena’s daughter wrote:

Dear Ms. Stanlee,

The money you sent has arrived. It will support my mother’s household budget. Thank you on behalf of my mother. Best regards and all the best in the new year – 2024!!!

Lidia S., Ukraine

Lidia is 99!
Lidia’s daughter wrote:

Thank you, we are doing well.

Lidia is all right.  I am sending you her photo. We hope you had a sweet and nice Hanukkah!

We are still in Switzerland.

Best wishes and Happy New Year.


Lidia S., Ukraine
Oksana A., Ukraine

Oksana A., Ukraine

Oksana is 95 years old. Oksana’s granddaughter wrote:

I’m sending you a photo. From the entire family, huge greetings and gratitude to the Foundation. Also, our congratulations on the upcoming Christmas and New Year! Good health to all your families and to you, peace, prosperity and all the best

Raisa B., Lithuania

Raisa is 92 years old. Raisa’s granddaughter wrote:

Hi Stanlee,

My grandmother sends her best wishes to you, and she asked me to wish you a Happy New Year.

We have already checked the bank account and received the money, thank you very much.


Raisa B., Lithuania, with her granddaughter
Vasil N., Ukraine

Vasil N., Ukraine

Vasil is 92 years old. Vasil’s granddaughter wrote:

Good evening, as promised, I am sending you a photo of grandfather! Good evening!

Aleksandra B., Ukraine

Aleksandra is 102!
Aleksandra’s son wrote:

Here is a photo of my mother on December 18, 2023.

Aleksandra B., Ukraine
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