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Notes from Rescuers – March 2022

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Notes from Rescuers

Notes from rescuers after receiving their funds early in February, before Russia invaded Ukraine.

Vladimir Chernovol, Ukraine, with his son
Vladimir Chernovol, Ukraine
Vladimir Chernovol, Ukraine

Vladimir Chernovol, Ukraine

We received the following email from Vladimir on February 9, 2022:

Good afternoon dear Stanlee Stahl!

Yesterday I received another the award from you. Thanks a lot!

Yes, the current situation in Ukraine is very depressing.

I watch everything on TV. Morally it is very hard. At the same time, one constantly remembers the war that I survived, and now Russia is rushing, wants to swallow us. This, of course, does not add health. Just the opposite. Various medicines support me. On the same day, we bought everything we needed both in the pharmacy and in stores. Thank you again.

Happiness to you and health!

Sincerely yours, Vladimir

Olympiada D., Ukraine

We received this email and photograph from Olympiada on February 9, 2022:

Once again thank you so much for attention.
With kind regards

Igor P., Russia

Igor P., Russia

Igor’s family sent us this message on February 7, 2022:

Good afternoon. I hasten to inform you that today my father and I visited a branch of the bank and received assistance from your foundation. We thank you for your attention, sensitive attitude and material support and help, which is infinitely important for us.

This year we plan to insulate and plaster the exterior of the residential building where Igor lives.

Once again, we thank you and wish you prosperity and all the best.
Sincerely, Igor’s family.

Alexander S., Ukraine

Alexander wrote on February 14, 2022:

Dear friends, hello! Received the award, thank you very much !! We use this money for: utilities (gas, electricity, water), medicines, food, dear friends, this is a great support for us, this is not an easy time in our country. THANK YOU very much for that.
Always your,

Alexander S., Ukraine

Ivan O., Ukraine

Ivan’s grandchild wrote on February 14, 2022:

Good time of day!

My grandfather was in the bank and received a Western Union transfer. Thank you very much from him! He is very pleased with the attention and care you give him. Money helps him a lot to pay for utilities and not limit himself in buying the necessary medicines for life. Thanks again!

I enclose his photo today.

Elena Z., Ukraine

Elena’s daughter wrote on February 23, 2022:

Dear Stanlee Stahl!

Thank you for the money transfer.

My mom turned 97 yesterday, please find the attached photo. Unfortunately she gets weaker day by day and issues with heart become more frequent.

Warm regards, Julia

Elena Z., Ukraine
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