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Notes from Rescuers – May 2022

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Rescuers in Ukraine

Valentina G.

Valentina G. from Vinnista, Ukraine

Thanks a lot, we received financial aid in the amount of $2.000. It was difficult to get this money due to the situation in our country. Thank you very much for remembering and the help which you give to us.

Galina, Valentina’s daughter

Nina B. from Kiev, Ukraine

Dear Ms. Stahl,

Thank you very much for your help, I received $2000 today.

With best wishes,

Nina B. sent by her daughter Zoia

Nina B.
Alla Y.

Alla Y. from Melitopol, Ukraine

Her grandson Tara wrote, “My grandmother is not in good health, basically paralyzed following a series of strokes. My mother, Irene, is taking care of Alla and the entire family is helping.”

Valentina S. from Kiev, Ukraine

Valentina is holding the JFR’s 2022 holiday card we send each rescuer! Valentina is 95 and lives in Kiev.  She was recognized by Yad Vashem in 1998 and we started funding her September 1998.  The family was unable to leave Kiev as Valentina could not travel.

Valentina S.
Olympiada D.

Olympiada D. from Odessa, Ukraine - Olympiada will be 100 in December 2022.

Good evening! Thank you very much for your attention and help. May God give you strength, health, and prosperity.

Sincerely, Irina granddaughter of the Righteous Olympiada.

Please excuse the quality of the photo, after the air raid we do not turn on the big light.

Aleksandra B. from Vinnitsa, Ukraine

Thank you very much for your attention and care for my mother. She appreciates it very much and prays for you. I have just entered the apartment. Alarm went off and we sat in a shelter, more precisely in the cellars. We have air raid alert several times a day and night.  Therefore, this is our present position. Now, as for my mother Aleksandra. She can no longer walk on her own in a bomb shelter.  And it was very difficult to cope with this. The villages are not bombed and it is safer there. We have taken her to a village that is relatively safe, it is 100 km from here.  We have a martial law and a curfew. There are checkpoints everywhere and limited movement. I send you her photograph to confirm that she is still alive. Now, what about transfers via Western Union and banks. Tomorrow I will go and find out how banks work and whether it is possible to transfer money to us from abroad. I heard that not all banks work and there are some restrictions. Tomorrow I will try to find out everything and inform you. In the meantime, I can report that our situation is difficult. There are many refugees and migrants. How can we help each other?  We are very sorry for the children, mothers and elderly people who are forced to leave their homes and flee from the war. We have an air raid alarm again. Therefore, I have to finish.

Sincerely – Evgeniy (Aleksandra’s son)

Since receiving the email from Evgeniy, funds were sent to Aleksandra. Upon receiving the funds, we received the following email:

Hello, dear Mrs. Stanley Stahl, dear Dimitri!

I hasten to inform you that yesterday I received money in the amount of 2,000 US dollars from the bank, for which I thank you very much. I bought all the necessary medicines for my mother and took a hearing aid for testing so that she could hear. On Sunday, I plan to go to the village to my mother and give money for her maintenance. This week I will try to send you her photographs and her personal gratitude. When she receives help from you, tears of joy appear in her eyes. I am also taking care of the graves of the people our family saved.

All the best.
Vinnitsa, April 29, 2022.



Lidia S. making her way to her son's car.
Lidia S. leaving Kiev.
Lidia S. arriving in Switzerland with her daughter Olena and her grandson.

Lidia S. from Kiev, Ukraine

Lidia is 97.  She left Kiev with her daughter, Olena and made their way to Poland and then to Switzerland where her grandson lived. Lidia and Olena left Kiev with just what they were wearing.

Dear Stanlee,

I just received my mother’s award $2,000 in Swiss currency. It is CHF 1,860.

Me and my mother are grateful for your care and help. Thank you and Jewish Foundation for the Righteous for your support in these hard times.

Yours sincerely, Olena, on behalf of Lidia

Vasily N. from Kiev, Ukraine – he will be 91 in June.

This is Vasily from Kiev.  We are using this to show proof-of-life.  The photo has a date and time stamp and the TV has the time stamp.  Vasily got dressed up for the photo.  He will be receiving his funds this week.

Sent from Vasily’s son Yuri.

We received another email on behalf of Vasily on May 1, 2022:

Dear Stanlee Stahl!

Good afternoon, thank you very much for the money transfer, we received it in full in US dollars on 04/20/2022.  At this difficult time for Ukraine, this is very good support, thank you! We wish everyone a peaceful sky and good on the whole earth!

Julia (granddaughter of Vasily)

Vasily N.
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