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Thank You Notes from the Rescuers

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In December 2019, the JFR sent each JFR-supported Righteous Gentile a special award of $1,750 for the purchase of food during the Christmas holiday season, for home heating fuel, and for medications. Below are notes and cards that we received from the rescuers and their families. We thank you for helping to make the holidays a little brighter for the rescuers.

Zbigniew R., Rybnik, Poland

A beautiful holiday card from Zbigniew in Poland wishing the JFR staff a joyous holiday and a happy and healthy New Year.

Alla Y., Melitopol, Ukraine

This note and Christmas card is from Taras, the son of Alla Y., from Ukraine.  The note is thanking the JFR for the financial support and tells us that Alla has been ill. And thanks to the money that they have received from the JFR, they have been able to purchase medication and better food and that Mom is starting to feel better.

They are very thankful for the support of the JFR, thanks to you!

Wanda H., Torlin, Poland

A sweet Christmas card from Wanda in Poland.

Zsuzsanna F., Budapest, Hungary

Zsuzsanna sent us a card saying that they cannot thank the JFR enough. (Thank you, Zsuzsanna!)

Olga M., Vilna, Lithuania

Olga, the granddaughter of Sofia V., from Vilna, Lithuania, is wishing us a happy New Year and is thanking the JFR for our support of her grandmother for the past 20 years. Sofia passed away in 2019, and the JFR provided a grant to help defray the cost of her funeral.

Helena K., Lublin, Poland

Helena sent us a beautiful card with good wishes for the New Year.

Stanislawa S., Warsaw, Poland

Stanislawa sent us this card to say thank you and wishes us a happy 2020.

Jánosné B., Hungary

Sometimes we receive sad notes, like this one from Jánosné’s family informing us of her passing. We wanted to share this note with you as well.

Dear Stanlee Stahl!

My dear mother Jánosné passed away on the 26th of January at home, amongst her family, my two brothers and my family quietly so as she lived.

I thank you now in her name for all the financial help you gave her, because it made her last years comfortable, we also needed a helping person to be with her day and night.

Thank God we have voice and video recordings when she speaks about the 1944 events when her mother with my mother’s help saved Jewish persons in their house.
God bless you for your thankfulness faithful during so many years.

Sincerely yours: Éva

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