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Notes from Rescuers – January 2023

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Alexandra B. - Ukraine

Alexandra is 100 years old. This photo was taken right before Christmas. The family thanks us for the funds Alexandra has received.

Lidia S. - Ukraine

Lidia’s family wrote:

Dear Stanlee,

[We] have recieved Christmas Award for Lidia today. Thank you very, very much for you and JFR. This award is very valuable to my mother.

This help us pay for heating, other utilities,  medicines that are not covered by  insurance. We can buy healthy food, and everything mom needs. And, of course, it’s good to celebrate the New Year and Christmas. This is a very generous award. Mom, and We are very grateful to you for this.

We wish you a Merry Christmas and the very best wishes for a Happy New Year!

Valentina S. - Ukraine

Valentina’s daughter wrote:

This is mother smiling at you.

Valentina is 96 years old.

Magdalena Maria S. - Romania

Magdalena’s nephew wrote:

My Aunt is in the Geriatric and Recovery institution where she is living now with the left hand paralyzed and needs permanent hygienic assistance but her brain is doing well.

Her finances are handled by a friend of my Aunt, so she is paying the costs related to her institutional care from her pension plus the awards from JFR. Without these awards she would be unable to pay only from her pension. For this reason any extra award, such as the Christmas Award you informed me about, is extremely welcome. Many thanks for that to you and JFR!

Have a happy Christmas time and enjoyable December, with warm regards, also on behalf on my Aunt,


Magdalena Maria Ana is 97 years old.  Here is a link to her story.

Alla Y. - Ukraine

Alla’s grandson wrote:

Dear Stanlee,

Everything is relatively normal.

Grandmother feels well, for her age and illnesses.

I had to leave my home with my wife and children, as the Russians create unbearable conditions in Melitopol for people who support Ukraine. In order not to go to jail or me be forcibly taken into the Russian army, we made a difficult decision to leave.

Unfortunately, grandmother is practically non-transportable and so far I cannot create good conditions for her. Therefore, my mother decided to stay with my grandmother.

Also, I want to sincerely thank you once again for your assistance. I also sending money to them now through trusted transporters and this calms me down a bit. Grandmother send her big greetings and gratitude to you. Mom took a photo of her.

Sorry for not answering at once, because the Russians destroyed most of the power plants with the latest bombings and now the light and the Internet do not appear often.

But thank God everyone is alive. And I believe that everything will be fine. Ukraine will stop this maniac and the world will breathe easy.

Thanks for your help and attention. Without you, my parents would have a hard time right now.

God bless you!


Jozsef K. - Hungary

Dear Stanlee Stahl,

I wish you a merry Christmas and a successful new year. Christmas is the holiday of peace, but unfortunately today there is war. I hope there will be peace soon, this war is not good for anyone. Thank you for sending the money, at least we will forget the horrors of the war, which is going on next to our borders. There is an influx of refugees who until now thought that we, after the Russians, were their enemy. When they get here, they are pleasantly surprised.


Jozsef's family

Beautiful Holiday Cards

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