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Galina and Yuri Miaskovsky
Galina and Yuri Miaskovsky

Galina and Yuri Miaskovsky Poland

Vladimir-Volynsk, Poland… Summer 1943 – Galina and Yuri Miaskovsky lived with their parents, Olga and Sergey, on a farm outside of Vladimir-Volynsk, Poland (now Ukraine).  One day in the summer of 1943, they discovered a young Jewish girl, Paulina Kamm, hiding in their barn.

Paulina Kamm escaped the Vladimir-Volynsk ghetto after her parents and siblings had been killed in December 1942.  She sought shelter in the homes of her non-Jewish friends, but they were all too afraid to keep her for more than a few days.

As a last resort, Paulina decided to travel at night to the Miaskovsky farm.  The Miaskovsky family and her family were friends from before the war.  The Miaskovsky family decided to hide Paulina and built a number of hiding places in the house and in the barn.

Galina and Yuri would bring food to Paulina each day.  The family also provided her with clothing and false identity documents, should the farm be raided by the Germans.

Paulina stayed with the Miaskovsky family for almost a year until they were liberated by the Soviet army on June 23, 1944.  She was the only member of her family to survive the war.  After the war, Paulina immigrated to Israel.

Olga and Sergey Miaskovsky died years ago.  Galina Miaskovsky passed away in 2011.  Yuri Miaskovsky died in 2013.

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