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Reunion 1999

A Story of Moral Courage

Zosina, Poland… November 1942 Jermemiah Slawin, his wife Sonia, his son Leo, and his daughter Basia survived the liquidation of the ghetto in Dunilowicze, Poland on November 22, 1942, and fled to the woods. After being repeatedly turned away in their attempts to seek shelter, the Slawin family was taken in by Wanda Anishkewicz and her family. The Anishkewicz family hid the Slawins until the spring of 1943 when the Slawins moved to a hiding place in the nearby woods. The Anishkewicz family continued to provide them with food until the end of the war. In 1999 the JFR reunited Wanda with Sonia, Leo, and Basia.

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