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Reunion 2001

A Story of Moral Courage

KOVNO, LITHUANIA… 1943 – Yerachmiel Siniuk escaped from the Kovno ghetto and was taken in by Andrius Urbonas, his wife Maria, his twenty-year-old daughter Ona, and fourteen-year-old son Juozas. The family fed Yerachmiel and hid him in their barn. Yerachmiel approached the family about hiding more Jews so that the poor family could pool their resources to be able to purchase more food. The Urbonas family agreed. Yermachmiel returned to the ghetto first returning with the Yitzchak Fein, his wife, and two children and then bringing back the Henry Kacenelenbogen (now Kellen), his wife, and his nephew. In 2001 the JFR reunited Ona Urbonas with Yerachmiel Siniuk and Henry Kellen.

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