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Reunion 2012

Hidden in Plain SIght

Kajetanowka, Poland… 1942 – After the Germans invaded Poland, Sara and Joseph Beiman traveled to Krakow seeking forged documents. They left their daughter, Rozia, with a former employee, Karolina Dworczyk. Sara and Joseph were captured by the Germans. It is believed that they were murdered in Majdanek. The Germans had established a post directly across from Karolina’s apartment and Karolina feared for their lives. To help insure Rozia’s safety they had her live outside the city with Karolina’s sister, Tekla Dudziak, a widow and a mother of four daughters, Wanda, Janina, Maria, and Wladyslawa. The Dudziak family, at great risk to themselves, took care of Rozia until 1945 when she left for Israel. The JFR reunited Rozia with Wladyslawa, the one surviving sister, in 2012. Rozia and Wladyslawa had not seen each other since 1945.

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