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Notes from Rescuers – April 2022

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Notes from Rescuers

Antanina B., Lithuania

Antanina B., Lithuania

Antanina’s granddaughter wrote:

Dear Stanlee,

I pass on the endless thanks and wishes of my grandmother Antanina and I am sending some photos.

Wishing you a good day,

Tamara O., Belarus

Tamara’s daughter wrote:

Dear Stanlee!

Everything is all right. Your award came and I got the money. Once again I want to thank you for your attention and help.

It is very important for mom and allows us to purchase highly effective drugs, hygiene products, and pays for the services of a massage therapist.

Mom and our whole family wish you health, well-being and long happy years of life.


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Raisa B., Lithuania

Raisa’s granddaughter wrote:


Thank you, my grandmother has received the award.

As her pension is not very high, your award helps her to buy better food, pay for firewood, utilities, phone.

She is at her home now, and from December to the end of February she was in Vilnius, at her daughter’s (my aunt’s), because in winter the apartment was a better solution than her home.

My mother takes care of her every day, but she had covid, so we didn’t want to risk grandma’s health, so she had to stay in Vilnius. I liked being able to visit her more often. She liked it too.

My mum said that now grandma spends more time lying down and being with her puppy (here he is in the right corner of the photo; the photo was taken when she was in Vilnius), she doesn’t want to watch TV or follow the news now. I try to call her often and talk to her, so she has something to do.

She always asks me to pass you her deepest gratitude and best wishes!

Melpomeni G., Greece

Melpomeni’s granddaughter wrote:

Dear Stanlee,

My mother picked up the award and my grandmother was very happy for the increase. With this money she will be able to pay the woman who takes care of her, also her food, heating and medicine. She thanks you from the bottom of her heart and wishes you and your families all the best.

I am sending a photo from Monday when I visited her.

Best regards,

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Johanna Susan H., the Netherlands

Johanna Susan H., The Netherlands

Johanna and her daughter thanked us for our support.

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