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Notes from Rescuers – February 2024

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Notes from Rescuers

Egle R., Lithuania

Egle R., Lithuania

Egle’s daughter wrote:

Dear Stanlee,

We are hope you are well. Please find some pictures of my mom Egle. She is well. This is time is heavy for her. She must stay at home. The winter shows power and we have 19 minus degree and a lot of snow.

Best wishes,

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Oksana A., Ukraine

Oksana’s granddaughter wrote:

How are you?

The money has arrived at the bank, but in order to receive it, we wrote an application and ordered money for withdrawal. This will happen approximately Tuesday-Wednesday, this situation is connected with the war. As soon as grandma receives them, I will inform you immediately. Just a day ago, a terrible event happened in our family; my sister’s (grandmother’s granddaughter’s) husband died in the war. We are preparing for the funeral. Let’s hold on as much as possible.

Take care of yourself. In touch.

Oksana did receive the money a few days after we received this note.

Oksana A., Ukraine, and her great grandaughter
Wanda K., Poland

Wanda K., Poland

Wanda’s son wrote:

Dear Stanlee,

Thank you very much for the last regular award and Christmas gift.

Today I visited my Mother in the nursing home, She was in good shape.

I am attaching today’s photo.

All the best and happy New Year!


Bronė J., Lithuania

Here is a picture of Bronė on her 100th birthday, with her daughter, Galina.

Leszek M., Poland

Leszek M., Poland

Leszek sends his thanks and regards.

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Jadwiga G., Poland

Jadwiga’s daughter wrote:

Dear Mrs. Stanlee,

On behalf of my mother, Jadwiga, I would like to thank you very much for the award and Christmas gift.

We wish you a lot of health and a Happy New Year!

Attached is a Christmas photo

Best Regards,

Jadwiga G., Poland
Krystyna K, Poland

Krystyna K., Poland

Krystyna sends her best regards, together with words of gratitude and appreciation for the financial support

Wilhelmina C., Poland

Wilhelmina sends her thanks.

Wilhelmina C., Poland
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