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Holocaust Rescuer Halina Babiarz Blaszczyk
Helena Blaszczyk

Helena Blaszczyk Poland

Czestochowa, Poland… 1942 – Helena  and her brother, Stefan, were members of the Polish underground. They were determined to fight the Germans every way they could. Their two-room home, where they lived with their mother, Agnieszka, served as a repository for weapons and a radio. Halina and Stefan made a hiding place where they hid four Jews behind a wall. This is where the Jews lived for three years, not venturing out for fear of discovery.

Helena, Stefan, and Agnieszka lived in one room as the other room was occupied by a German officer. This arrangement proved to be both dangerous and safe – dangerous when the officer was present; safe when the officer was out, as the Germans did not raid their home looking for Jews since a German officer lived there.

One day Helena and Stefan were denounced. Although they were arrested and beaten, they did not betray the Jews. The underground was eventually able to obtain the release of Helena and Stefan, and they returned to their home. Helena and her family hid the four Jews until liberation in 1945, more than three very long years.

Stefan, Agnieszka, and Helena Blaszczyk died in 2009.

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