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Holocaust Rescuers Lubov and Pavel Gerasimchik
The Gerasimchik Family

Lubov and Pavel Gerasimchik Ukraine

Shubkov, Ukraine… 1942 – The Germans launched their attack on the Soviet Union in June 1941 and began to murder the Jews.  Isaak Emmett went to Lubov and Pavel Gerasimchik and begged them to hide his family which consisted of his wife Polina, and daughter Luba. Mr. Emmett had known Lubov and Pavel from before the war, yet they were not close friends.

Lubov Gerasimchik had three children of her own plus a niece, Zina, whom she had recently adopted.  Even though they were very poor, they agreed to hide the Emmett family.  Pavel dug a hole in their cellar and the Emmett family lived in this hole for three long years from 1942 until they were liberated in 1944.

Life changed for Lubov and her children, Klava, Galina, Zina and Nikolay.  They no longer invited their friends or neighbors to visit them, it was too dangerous.  Food was scarce and everyone was hungry.  The little food that Lubov managed to obtain, she shared with Isaak and his family.  For three years they lived in constant fear.  They all survived the war. Upon liberation, Mr. Emmett and his family made their way to the United States.

Pavel Gerasimchik died many years ago.  Lubov Gerasimchik passed away in June 2000.

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