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Remigiusz Wegrzynowicz

Remigiusz Wegrzynowicz Poland

Lwow, Poland… November 1942 – During the war, Remigiusz Wegrzynowicz lived in Lwow, Poland (now Ukraine).  At the time, Remigiusz was a veterinary student.

On November 15, 1942, while visiting his mother, Remigiusz met his friend, Tadeusz Slowik.  Tadeusz was with Scharlotta Katz, who was Jewish.  Tadeusz asked Remigiusz if he could help find a safe hiding place for Scharlotta. Tadeusz was scheduled to become the regional doctor in the Boryslaw area in June 1943.  Tadeusz told Remigiusz that when he assumed his new position in June, he would be able to arrange a suitable place for Scharlotta to hide.  Tadeusz wanted Remigiusz to hide Scharlotta until June 1943.

Remigiusz agreed to provide shelter and to care for Scharlotta. Remigiusz hid Scharlotta in his small, one-room apartment.  On June 6, 1943, he took Scharlotta to Podbuze, in the Drohobycz district, Eastern Galicia, where Tadeusz had an apartment.

In her testimony to Yad Vashem, Scharlotta wrote: “Despite the great hardships in finding a hideout for me, Remigiusz Wegrzynowicz hid me without any self-interest.”

Remigiusz passed away on September 1, 2019, at the age of 97.

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