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Holocaust Rescuer Anna Stupnicka
Anna Stupnicka Bando

Anna Stupnicka Poland

Warsaw, Poland… 1941 – Anna Stupnicka, a Polish teenager, and her mother, Janina, smuggled food and books into the Warsaw ghetto.  As they were distributing food in the ghetto, they met Mr. Adler, who begged Anna and Janina to save his daughter, Liliana.  Anna and Janina agreed to hide Liliana.

During the winter of 1941, Janina and Anna smuggled eleven-year-old Liliana Adler out of the ghetto by dressing Liliana in Anna’s Catholic school uniform, enabling Liliana to pass as a Christian.  Anna never forgot how Liliana’s father cried as he said his final goodbye to his only daughter who was dressed in a navy blue coat and a beret with the edelweiss symbol.

Janina obtained false identification papers for Liliana under Janina’s maiden name.  Anna, Janina, and Liliana lived in a constant state of fear. The neighbors kept asking questions about Liliana, but Anna and Janina always misled them. During the summer, Janina would take Anna and Liliana to the country. Liliana lived as Anna’s cousin in their two-room apartment in Warsaw for four years until they were liberated by the Soviet army in 1945.

Because of the bravery and ingenuity of Anna and her mother, Liliana survived the Holocaust.  After the war, Liliana immigrated to France.

Anna is in her 90s and continues to live in Warsaw.

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