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Reunion 2007

A Story of Moral Courage

Swieciany, Poland… September 1941 – Seventeen-year-old Irena Walulewicz and her mother Zofia, hid Golda Bushkanietz in their attic for months.  Everyday Irena and Zofia brought Golda food and would come back to take the plate.  One day, a neighbor denounced Zofia and Irena.  Golda escaped through a window and returned after the Germans had left.  Golda often hid under Irena’s bed or in the pig sty to avoid capture.  Despite the risk, Zofia and Irena would not send Golda awat.  The JFR reunited Golda and Irena in 2007.  The two women had not seen each other since 1945.

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