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Reunion 2010

Life of My Life

Radom, Poland… June 1943 – Sara Marmurek and Rachela Mitzmacher were slave laborers in an armaments factory in Radom, Poland. There they met Wladyslaw Misiuna, a Polish teenager assigned to supervise the rabbit farm located on the factory premises. Believing that he could use his position to help some of the Jewish slave laborers, Wladyslaw requested that several Jewish women be assigned to assist him with caring for the rabbits. Sara and Rachela were two of the five women chosen to work in the rabbit farm. Despite the risk to his own life, Wladyslaw provided Sara, Rachela, and the other three women with food, clothing, medicine, and the will to live. Though the women were eventually deported to Auschwitz, all five women survived the war, thanks in large part to the help, support, and hope that Wladyslaw provided. The JFR reunited Sara and Wladyslaw in 2010. They had not seen each other since 1945.

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