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Reunion 2009


Ostra Mogila, Poland… September 1942 – Joseph Bonder and his sister Joan escaped from the Skalat ghetto and made their way to Ostra Mogila, Poland (now Ukraine) where Joan had been a teacher. They were hidden by Bronislaw Firuta and his family. Bronislaw had been one of Joan’s students. When it became too dangerous to hide in the Firuta home, Joseph and Joan hid in nearby woods during the day and returned to the Firuta home at night. Joseph and Joan’s parents were killed in the Skalat ghetto. Joseph and Joan surivived because of Bronislaw’s heroic deeds. Joan died in 1991. The JFR reunited Joseph Bonder and Bronislaw Firuta in 2009. They had not seen each other since 1945.

The JFR’s 2009 Reunion documentary, “Reunion 2009: Village on the Rock,”  was awarded the 2010 Silver Telly Award in the “History/Biography” category – their highest award!

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