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Reunion 2014

The House of Two Families

Stara Huta, Poland … 1942 – Jacob Wexler, his wife, Chana, and daughter, Mira, lived with Helena Weglowska and her family on their farm in Stara Huta, Poland (now Ukraine). After the Germans invaded in June 1941, life for the Wexler family changed. In late summer 1941, they were rounded up and forced in the Ludwipol ghetto. The Germans killed Jacob on August 24, 1942. Chana knew the only way for her and Mira to survive was to flee the ghetto. Chana and Mira managed to escape from the Ludwipol ghetto just before the ghetto was liquidated and sought refuge with the Weglowski family. Because everyone in the village knew how close the Wexler and Weglowski families were before the war, it was too dangerous for Chana and Mira to stay with Helena and her family. For two years, Chana and Mira would go between hiding in the forest and living in pits that were dug on the farm. They all survived the war. The Jewish Foundation for the Righteous reunited Helena with Mira in 2014. They had not seen each other since 1945.

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