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Reunion 2015

Never Let Go

Warsaw, Poland … December 1942 Michael Hochberg was born in Warsaw, Poland in March 1938, in an area that became part of the ghetto when it was established in October 1940.  Michael’s parents decided to save their only child and sought out a friend who smuggled Michael out of the ghetto and brought him to the Jakubowski family. The family agreed to keep Michael.  Michael’s parents were killed in the ghetto.  The Jakubowski family, at great risk to themselves, hid Michael from December 1942 until liberation in 1945.  Krystyna Jakubowska, one of the daughters, was responsible for the care of Michael.  The Jewish Foundation for the Righteous reunited Krystyna and Michael in 2015.

Click here to read Krystyna’s full rescue story.

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