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News from the 19th Floor – Alfred Lerner Fellows – January 2021

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News from the 19th Floor

This month we are celebrating the beloved rescuers supported by the JFR and some of our Alfred Lerner Fellows!


In December, the JFR sent each JFR-supported rescuer a special award of $1,750 for the purchase of food during the Christmas holiday season, for home heating fuel, and for medication.

The JFR sent $10,000 to the Anne Frank Fonds in Basel, Switzerland. This grant will enable the Anne Frank Fonds to send needed prescription medication to Polish rescuers. A separate grant of $5,000 was made to the Kosher Food Pantry in Warsaw, Poland for the distribution of food parcels to Righteous Gentiles living in Warsaw.  Here is a link to a news article about funds that went to Righteous Gentiles living in Poland.

Greetings from the Rescuers

Below are Christmas cards and photos from a number of Righteous Gentiles supported by the JFR. Where we have their stories on our website, we have provided a link.

Card from Apolonia L., Poland
Tamara O., Poland
Tamara O., Belarus

Tamara O., Belarus

Dear Stanlee!
My mom  is very grateful to [the JFR] for financial help, warm wishes and attention.

Thanks to your help, I can pay for consultations of a very good doctor and buy natural medicines that she recommended.

Due to them, my mother feels much better, her heart has stopped hurting, and she has become more energetic. She even tries to get up and walk, although she is not very good at it yet.

Mom and I wish you a happy Hanukkah, Christmas and New Year.

We wish you all the best.

Yours respectfully,
Marina G.

Here is a link to Tamara’s story.

Andrzej S., Germany

Card from Andrzej S., Germany
József K., Hungary

József K., Hungary

Thank you for everything.

Üdvözlettel [Sincerely],

Urszula P., Poland

Card from Urszula P., Poland
Urszula with her daughter and granddaughter.
Vladimir C., Ukraine

Vladimir C., Ukraine

Good afternoon, dear Stanlee Stahl.

I am very glad and grateful to you for the award of 2550 USD.

It seems that recently the glorious Katya Gusarova introduced me to you in Jerusalem on the day of the 50th anniversary of Israel. And already 22 years have passed. Next year will be the year of my 100th anniversary. But we still have to live up to it with God’s help.

I am sending you my photo with my daughter. I [am holding] the photo taken in Israel 22 years ago.

Comments are superfluous. Old age is not a joy. But I am not discouraged. I like to solve crosswords, looking in encyclopedias and dictionaries.

I also congratulate you on the upcoming holidays. I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Your righteous, Vladimir

Click here to read Vladimir’s story.

Zenonas M., Lithuania

Zenonas M., Lithuania
Xhemal V., Albania

Xhemal V., Albania

Dear Mrs. Stahl,

Thank you very much for the award and I wanted to inform you that I have received it. In the attachment you will find [a photo] of me.

Wishing you a New Year full of joy and happiness!

Kindest regards,

Click here to read Xhemal’s story.

Bogdan S., Poland

Here is a link to Bogdan’s story.

Card from Bogdan S., Poland
Andrásné N., Hungary

Andrásné N., Hungary

Dear Stanlee Stahl,

Thank you for the awards,
I already picked up [the award].
I am well, my health is good, appropriate for my age (more than 99 years).

I attach a photo for you of myself.
I wish you a Marry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Yours sincerely,


Since March 2020, JFR Alfred Lerner Fellows have faced enormous challenges in how they teach and work with their students. The JFR would like to acknowledge and applaud our dedicated teachers who are meeting the challenges presented by COVID-19.  We asked our Lerner Fellows to send us photos from where they are teaching – whether it be in school or from home.

Tawny Anderson, Wellington High School, Wellington, FL

Facing the challenge, teaching remotely, and still engaging students actively. Sharing what counts – love, memory, legacy, and forgiveness.

Jill Tejeda, Livingston High School, Livingston, NJ

Hybrid learning at its best here at LHS (Livingston High School)!

Logan Greene, Calera High School, Calera, AL

Logan Greene, Calera High School, Calera, AL

Teaching during a pandemic is exhausting, stressful, and challenging. Every day brings new obstacles; however, every day also brings incalculable rewards as we see students consistently rising above what they are facing to continue their education whether they are virtual or not. The resiliency of these young people has been remarkable to observe. As an educator, I am eternally grateful for the support of organizations like the JFR that not only do amazing work training teachers but have also given us a network of colleagues to depend on during times such as these.


As we start a new year, I wish everyone only good things! Please do stay in touch and stay safe.

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