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Rescuer Notes April 2021

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Notes from Rescuers

Laszlone S., Hungary, in March 2021.
Stanlee Stahl, JFR Executive Vice President, Katalin Kuron, and Dr. Steven Field, JFR Board Member, during a home visit in 2019.

Laszlone S., Hungary

Below is an email we received from Laszlone’s son, Ferenec, with a photograph of Laszlone, who is known as Aunt Kati.

Dear Stanlee,

Please find a photo attached. She’s rather weak but still is together with us.

Our best regards, take care of you in this critical period: We wish you good health!

Mom & Ferenc

P.S. Before she was married, Laszlone’s first name was Katalin. You can read her story by clicking here.

Igor P., Russia

Here is an email and photo that we received from Igor’s family:

Good day. From the bottom of our hearts, our family thanks you personally and your organization for nominating Igor another Award. I hasten to inform you that today, 03/09/2021, Igor personally visited the bank branch and received the Award. This is a huge help for our family, as well as an expression of respect for the feat accomplished during the Second World War to save a person. I am sending photos of Igor. Thanks for everything, be healthy.

Igor P., Russia
Margita L., Slovakia

Margita L., Slovakia

We received the following email and photo from Margita and her niece, Lydia:

Thank you for the financial help, which came in order, thank you for your kindness. I am dependent on a wheelchair. Greetings, be healthy.

Sincerely, Margita L. and Lýdia S.

P.S. The health insurance company provided me with a reading aid – an electronic magnifying glass (850 €), which I am very much looking forward to.

Xhemel V., Albania

Here is an email and photograph that we received from Xhemel:

Dear Mrs. Stahl,

Thank you very much for the award and it truly helps me and family in this difficult times.

I hope you and your family are also doing well.

Best Regards,

Here is a link to Xhemal’s story. Xhemal was featured in the JFR’s 2021 Haggadah Supplement.

Xhemel V., Albania
Natalija S., Lithuania

Natalija S., Lithuania

Below is an email that we received from Natalija’s daughter with a photograph.

Dear Stanlee Stahl,

Thank you very much, the award we have received.

We have already vaccinated my mother with Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine against coronavirus. We are happy,  that everything went well, there were no complications.

I am sending you some photos.

Bogdan S., Poland

Dear Friend Mrs. Stanlee Stahl,

The great thanks for all team JFR and for all donors for your [feeling] and your material support [for the] included money order on 15 March 2021 in the [amount] of $800 USD and 1740 Euros.

Best Wishes,
Bogdan S. and Family

Here is a link to Bogdan’s story.

A note from Bogdan S., Poland.
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