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Remembering the Righteous of Warsaw

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April 19, 2024, commemorates the 81st anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising. We thought you might like to see some of the faces of the men and women who risked their lives to save Jews in the Warsaw ghetto. To read their stories, please click the links below.

Holocaust Rescuer Helena Bakala
Helena Bakala

Helena Bakala

Smuggled food into the Warsaw ghetto by pretending to be a janitor and later obtained Aryan identity documents with her husband for Chaim Birenbaum.
Read Helena’s story.

Holocaust Rescuer Wladyslaw Bartoszewski
Wladyslaw Bartoszewski

Wladyslaw Bartoszewski

As a member of the underground group Zegota, helped saved hundreds of Jews.
Read Wladyslaw’s story.

Holocaust Rescuer Lidia Furmanski
Lidia Furmanski

Lidia Furmanski

Hid a six-year-old Jewish boy in her apartment for four years and helped him escape to Israel after the war.

Read Lidia’s story.

Holocaust Rescuer Marianna Gajowniczek
Marianna Gajowniczek

Marianna Gajowniczek

With her parents, hid two Jewish strangers in the their coal cellar.

Read Marianna’s story.

Holocaust Rescuer Jan Karski
Jan Karski

Jan Karski

Was smuggled into the Warsaw ghetto on two occasions where he met with Jewish leaders and then reported to officials in London and Washington, D.C..

Read Jan’s story.

Holocaust Rescuer Janina and Hanna Kwiecinskie
Janina Kwiecinska

Janina and Hanna Kwiecinskie

Hid several Jews including six year old Solomon Tejblum and his mother Helen.

Read Janina and Hanna’s story.

Righteous Gentile Helena Orchon
Helena Zelwerowicz

Helena Orchon

As a member of the Polish underground, helped Jews obtain false papers and taught them how to act like Polish Catholics.

Read Helena’s story.

Holocaust Rescuer Alexander Roslan
Alexander Roslan with Jacob and David Gutgelt

Alexander Roslan

Hid and cared for three orphaned Jewish boys, the Gutgeld brothers, until liberation.

Read Alexander’s story.

Holocaust Rescuer Irena Sendler
Irena Sendler

Irena Sendler

As a member of the underground group Zegota, rescued hundreds of Jewish children from the Warsaw ghetto.

Read Irena’s story.

Holocaust Rescuer Jerzy Sliwczynski
Jerzy Sliwczynski

Jerzy Sliwczynski

Provided identity documents and shelter for Ella Zlotnik, a childhood friend and neighbor.

Read Jerzy’s story.

Holocaust Rescuer Anna Stupnicka
Anna Stupnicka Bando

Anna Stupnicka

Along with her mother, smuggled an eleven-year-old child out of the Warsaw ghetto, hid her, and obtained false identification for her.

Read Anna’s story.

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