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Welcome to the JFR Bookstore. We have created it in association with in order to offer you easy access to some of the most important books about rescue and the Holocaust in general. By ordering books through our bookstore you are helping to support the work of The Jewish Foundation for the Righteous.

ISBN: 0801861675

This book collects for the first time critical essays, memoirs, and primary source materials relating to the surprising history of Jewish drama, cabaret, music, and opera under the Third Reich.

Different Horrors, Same Hell: Gender and the Holocaust

Goldenberg, Myrna and Shapiro, Amy (Editors)

ISBN: 978-0295992433

Different Horrors, Same Hell: Gender and the Holocaust is a collection of essays focusing on feminist theory and gender analysis during the Holocaust. Authors include Doris Bergen, Mary Gallant, Dorota Glowacka and David Patterson.

ISBN: 978-0253010742

Originally released in Polish as Judenjagd, Hunt for the Jews looks into the role of Righteous Gentiles during WWII. Focusing manly on the region east of Krakow, this book uses documents and testimonies to explore what happened after the liquidation of Dabrowa's ghettos and the Jews who remained behind.

ISBN: 0752457063

As a baby Agnes Grunwald-Spier was saved from Auschwitz by an unknown official. In this book she retells the stories of 30 individuals who rescued Jews, giving new insight into why these individuals risked so much for their fellow men and women.

ISBN: 0395901308

Until the Nazi invasion, Warsaw was the home of Europe's largest Jewish community. Resistance is the full story of the Jews' attempts to fight the Nazis, revealed by dramatic excerpts from diaries, letters, and other documents of the period.

ISBN: 0752459740

Explores Heinrich Himmler's master plan for Europe and how the half a million Europeans and more than a million Soviet citizens who fought for the Third Reich were part of this plan.

ISBN: 0060925175

This book tells the story of the small French village of Le Chambon and how they saved 5,000 Jews and other refugees during the Holocaust.

The Oxford Handbook of Holocaust Studies

Hayes, Peter & John Roth (editors)

ISBN: 0199211868

Divided into five thematic sections, this handbook draws on the work of forty-seven Holocaust scholars.

Sexual Violence against Jewish Women during the Holocaust

Hedgepeth, Sonja M. and Rochelle G. Saidel (editors)

ISBN: 158465905X

Utilizes testimony, Nazi documentation, and memoirs to expose the ways in which Jewish women became victims of sexual violence during the Holocaust.

ISBN: 0881255319

This is Heller's story of how she lived under Nazi occupation as a teenager and how her family was saved by two Ukrainian families.

ISBN: 0813225892

Introduced and edited by Patrick Henry, this book contains essays showing violent and non-violent Jewish resistance during the Holocaust.

ISBN: 0300145799

In this book Herf explores Nazi propoganda targeting Muslims and Arabs.

After Such Knowledge

Hoffman, Eva

ISBN: 978-1586480462

Written from Hoffman's persepctive as the daughter of survivors, Hoffman explores the memory and legacy of the Holocaust. She explores in depth the the responsibilits of the second generation. Throughout the book, Hoffman asks provoking questions such as "what happens when we focus on 'memory' itself rather than its object".

ISBN: 0060995076

Drawing on a lifetime of research and reflection, Hilberg tells the stories of those who caused, experienced, and witnessed this great human catastrophe.

ISBN: 0841909105

The focus of this book, which is an abridgement of Hilberg's definitive three volume edition, is the perpetrators and the systematic destruction of European Jewry.

ISBN: 0553807560

This book is based on interviews conducted with over 150 soldiers who liberated the concentration, labor, and death camps during World War II.

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